On a mission to redefine what it means to meet.

Our vision is to change the way people think about meetings by providing an alternative to the modern-day meeting through an intuitive, efficient, and effective asynchronous meeting platform.

Our values

Above all else, we value time. We firmly believe that time should not be spent in unproductive meetings. We know there's a better way to meet and work. It's our quest to bring that to the world.


We also value accurate, clear, and concise communication that leads to a desired outcome. It's a core function of Asynchly.


One of our favorite things is when great digital tools work together to make like easier. Thus, again, Asynchly.


We're also humble, have a good sense of humor and enjoy finding fun in everything we do. Except bad meetings. We despise those.

Our story

Once upon a time in a conference room far far away, there was a guy named Ben. He was weary, confused, and impatiently waiting for the meeting he was in -- the fourth in a row and sixth of the day -- to be over.

It was this exact moment he realized there has to be a better way to meet.

Like so many other knowledge workers, Ben found himself in meetings much of the day. And, the large majority of them were unproductive -- thanks to missing agendas, unclear expectations, a lack of documentation, and no time to digest because: you guessed it, another meeting...

The time spent in these unproductive meetings, however, taught Ben so much about meetings. He learned that most productive meetings have similar elements and cadences and that meetings become unproductive because of a deviation from this system.

Asynchly was born to systemize the productive elements of a meeting and eliminate the need to meet in real-time. Asynchly will remove our reliance on meeting synchronously -- whether in-person or via phone or video -- by offering an organized, efficient, and enjoyable way to meet asynchronously via an asynchronous meeting platform.