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Your team doesn't need another meeting. You just need a simple way to execute on what the meeting was intended to achieve. See how Asynchly will help with that.

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  • Clear and concise objectives

    Any good meeting begins with everyone on the same page. Asynchly will help meeting owners set clear objectives that keep everyone rowing in the same boat and determine just how complete the meeting is.

    Doodle's 2019 'The State of the Meeting' report showed that, according to 6,500 professionals, the single biggest determinator of a good meeting was setting a clear goal. In that same study, a large majority of people said poorly organized meetings led to loss of focus on projects, confusion, and not enough time for people to get to the rest of their work.

    When everyone is aligned on their purpose, they remain focused on the goal and are able to point their efforts and skills in the right direction. Asynchly's powerful asynchronous meeting platform will help organizers nail their objective to help kick off a super-productive meeting.

  • Contributors, not attendees

    Most meetings tend to have too many people involved. Asynchly will trade attendees for contributors, ensuring only those who have something to contribute are involved.

    Did you know that 57 percent of professionals believe improperly attended meetings are the biggest cost to their company? If that doesn't shock you, how about the things people admit to doing during meetings they probably shouldn't be in:

    -91% have daydreamed
    -39% have slept (!)
    -73% have worked on other things

    Asynchly's powerful asynchronous meeting platform will ensure you've got the right people involved, which is among the most important steps of moving a meeting from dreadful to dreamy.

  • Easy to understand deliverables

    With the right contributors, it's easy to assign deliverables that align to the meeting's objective and the expectations of everyone involved.

    We can all agree that setting expectations and communicating them well can have a lasting impact on productivity, right? Well, a 2016 Gallup study showed that, despite that obvious fact, nearly half of all U.S. employees don't know what is expected of them while at work. Nevermind the lack of engagement that comes from an employee who's not sure what they're supposed to be doing, just think about the lost productivity, re-work, and lack of time to focus on priorities.

    Asynchly will remove unnecessary meeting attendees from each asynchronous meeting and make it easy for meeting owners to assign deliverables that contributors understand, accept, and complete.

  • Firm but fair run dates

    The best thing about an asynchronous meeting is that there's no need to meet at the same time. Asynchronous meetings can run 10 minutes or two weeks -- independent of timezone.

    According to a recent survey by consulting firm Korn Ferry, 67 percent of professionals say they're not able to make the impact they want at work because they spend too much time in meetings or on calls.

    What if there was a way to focus on doing the work that the old meeting was simply going to talk about doing?

    Asynchly's powerful asynchronous meeting platform will remove time as a barrier and offer meeting owners the flexibility of run dates to accommodate their asynchronous meetings. If the meeting's objective is a daily check-in, it only needs a 10-minute run time. If the objective is more involved and requires contributions from a number of team members, a lengthier run date can be set. And, regardless of run-time, the meeting is held asynchronously, giving you and your team the freedom to focus.

  • Organized and on-demand communication

    Most meetings tend to have a lot of talk but no clarity. Asynchly will record every dialog, detail, and decision so no one is left asking, "wait, what are we doing again?"

    In a survey by Jabra, respondents said a lack of decision making and follow up were two of the main reasons meetings didn't aide in productivity.

    Think about it: how many times have you spent time in a meeting where no official notes were taken and decisions weren't documented.

    Asynchly will make it easy to search for and refer back to decisions, notes, and action-items so you and your team can be clear on what happened and what's next.

  • Your priorities back in focus

    We're all spending wayyyyy too much time in meetings. And, that is preventing us from doing a good job with our work.

    A 2015 study titled 'Productivity of Office Workers' showed 36 percent of knowledge workers felt attending meetings diminished their productivity and the quality of their work. Whether you're an individual contributor, managing a team, or a high-level executive, this statistic should make you feel a little sick to the stomach.

    Asynchly and its asynchronous meeting platform will make work the focus of your day by redefining what it means to meet.

    Without being stuck in meetings all week, you're free to crush your work and focus on what's important to you. What could be better than literally getting time back?

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