Ben Larsen


Ben is the founder of Asynchly. He's spent nearly 20 years in the media and marketing industries and has always searched for a better way to meet.

Blog Posts

Asynchronous meeting platform for freelancers, side hustlers, and the gig economy

For side hustlers and freelancers, relying heavily on synchronous meetings with clients will be a challenge that’s difficult to overcome for so many would-be side hustlers. Fortunately, there’s a better way.

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Asynchronous meetings for creative agencies

For development shops, design houses, and agencies of all shapes and sizes, implementing an asynchronous meeting platform can streamline your operations and increase the value provided to clients.

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How to switch from synchronous to asynchronous meetings

Our breakdown of the move to asynchronous meetings and the implementation of an asynchronous meeting platform like Asynchly.

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Questions to ask when considering switching to asynchronous meetings

The 6 key areas to examine within your own team or company when considering a switch to asynchronous meetings.

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Asynchronous Meeting Case Study: Loom

Loom decided it was important to free up time in order to deliver better meeting content while also driving more engaged conversation.

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Asynchronous Meeting Case Study: Buffer

The mobile team at Buffer decided they needed to find a way to meet asynchronously — without the constraints of time.

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What is asynchronous work?

Smart businesses understand the positive impact asynchronous frameworks can have on their bottom line.

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Benefits of asynchronous meetings

Learn about the benefits your team or organization will see by switching to asynchronous meetings.

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What is an asynchronous meeting platform?

Seeking a better way to meet and work? Learn what an asynchronous meeting platform is and how it could transform your team's productivity.

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What is an asynchronous meeting?

Asynchronous meetings seek to take the best part of synchronous meetings and enable them to occur without the dependence on time that synchronous meetings require.

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