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What is an asynchronous meeting platform?

Ben Larsen

Asynchronous meeting platforms are a new entry into the broader industry segment of asynchronous work.

As the first platform exclusively built for asynchronous meetings, Asynchly is proud to build this new category. We feel it’s our mission to showcase the terrific benefits companies, teams, and workers of all types can enjoy adopting asynchronous meetings in the workplace.

With all that said, you might be wondering:

What is an asynchronous meeting platform?


What is an asynchronous meeting?

We’re so glad you asked because we absolutely love explaining the two!

What is an asynchronous meeting?

Lucky for you, we covered the definition of an asynchronous meeting in this post. In short, though: an asynchronous meeting is any meeting managed independent of time with participants contributing inputs at different times.

What is an asynchronous meeting platform

An asynchronous meeting platform is a digital tool where asynchronous meetings take place.

Asynchronous meeting platforms like Asynchly systemize the meeting to enable focused collaboration between meeting contributors. An asynchronous meeting platform makes it easy to conduct effective and efficient asynchronous meetings by guiding meeting owners through a user-friendly asynchronous meeting creation process.

Meeting contributors are then prompted, according to the meeting’s objective and asynchronous run-times, to complete their individual deliverables. These deliverables achieve the objective set by a meeting owner.

What is the purpose of an asynchronous meeting platform?

The purpose of an asynchronous meeting platform is to reduce the need for unwanted and unproductive synchronous meetings and replace them with an easy-to-use, systemized process.

This asynchronous process is designed to leverage the productive elements of synchronous meetings and systemize them for asynchronous use. An asynchronous meeting platform replaces the previously-used inconsistent methods of asynchronous meetings, which include centralized shared documents and broad-based project management, task management, and remote collaboration tools. The asynchronous meeting platform is a new tool in the productivity stack of companies and organizations of all types and sizes.

Elements of an asynchronous meeting platform

An asynchronous meeting platform includes familiar elements to a synchronous meeting, but delivers them in a much more efficient and systematic way. Below are the key elements of an asynchronous meeting held on an asynchronous meeting platform.

  • Meeting owner: Like any meeting, there needs to be a point-person. Asynchronous meeting platforms like Asynchly offer meeting owners the ability to create and manage their asynchronous meetings via an easy-to-use, web-based tool.
  • Objective: Whether a meeting is asynchronous or synchronous in nature, it needs to have an objective or desired outcome. Asynchronous meeting platforms like Asynchly leverage the objective as a key element to ensure all contributions are relevant, focused, and prioritized and the meeting as a whole is productive.
  • Contributors: The best asynchronous meetings don’t agree with the nature of synchronous meetings with regards to who is involved. While many synchronous meetings leave most attendees wondering why they’re there, the Asynchly asynchronous meeting platform ditches the term attendees for contributors. This ensures the meeting owner has fully thought out the contributions needed and is only inviting a contributor if they have something to offer in order to achieve the meeting’s objective.
  • Deliverables: In an asynchronous meeting, a deliverable is what a meeting owner assigns to a contributor. The contributor contributes the deliverable. Once all deliverables are delivered by all contributors and accepted in good order by the meeting owner, the meeting’s objective is met and the asynchronous meeting is complete. On an asynchronous meeting platform like Asynchly, deliverables could be anything from a simple text-based status update or answered questions, uploaded files or media, or other submission relevant to the asynchronous meeting’s objective.
  • History of Dialog and Decisions: With synchronous meetings, there is a lot of dialog with inconsistent note taking. Many synchronous meetings leave attendees misaligned as to next steps, decisions made, and expectations because of a lack of archived dialog. Asynchronous meeting platforms like Asynchly make it easy to access a history of dialog and decisions made during the asynchronous meeting process. This helps keep everyone on the same page during and after meetings and lends crucial context to future decisions and actions.

Important bonus effect to asynchronous meeting platforms

The above elements certainly make up the functions of an asynchronous meeting platform, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t talk about the key element of an asynchronous meeting that helps it differ from a synchronous meeting.

Asynchronous meeting platforms give workers their time back to focus on priorities

Not only can an asynchronous meeting platform help teams work independent of time and without the constraints brought on by time. Asynchronous meeting platforms like Asynchly help teams and companies run meetings so much more efficiently and productively as compared to synchronous meetings that the added productivity, efficiency, and focus literally gives time back to business leaders and their team members.

At Asynchly, we talk a lot about the time given back to our users. Time is our greatest commodity. What could be better than getting your time back to focus on the things you see as priority?

Already a happy Asynchly user seeing time given back to them now that you’re not spending most of your days in unproductive meetings? Make the most of this time by volunteering, donating, or committing to a healthy lifestyle.

Interested in learning more about our Asynchronous Meeting Platform? Check out more of our blog posts and resources to see how asynchronous meetings and the Asynchly asynchronous meeting platform can impact you, your team, or your organization.

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